Rafting Guides & Willow Creek Tours Frequently Asked Questions

Safety Briefing

At Willow Creek Tours your safety is our number one priority. All of our guides are trained in Swift Water Rescue procedures and First Aid / CPR.


When you’re in the wilderness, being prepared is half the battle. From life jackets to rain gear, Willow Creek tours will provide you with everything you need for a safe and fun filled adventure.


We use only top of the line whitewater rafts on all of our tours. All boats are routinely cleaned and maintained to insure a safe and hassle free trip.


Our priority is your safety. Rigorous standards – from guide training to modern equipment make the difference when it comes to not only your safety, but a fun and educational experience. Standardized emergency precautions and highly trained staff ensure you the best possible adventure. Rest assured, at Willow Creek Tours you will be well taken care of.


Whether you want to discuss a reservation, have questions about the tours, or need advice planning your Alaska adventure, we’re here. Feel free to start with a text.

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